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Dear Blessed Soul

Sri Markandeya Dharma Sastha Temple in kllampally street, vazhapally, fort, trivandrum, popularly known as kallampally sastha temple as you known, is an important famous and ancient temple in thiruvananthapuram. The uniqueness of temple is that inside the same main srikovil there are prathishtas of sastha and siva and also sivalinga in the right hand of sri sastha. The belief is that sastha is worshipping siva. The deity is known as markandeswaran on accountant of this. For the same reason sanidosha nivarana poojas like neeranjanam, saneeswara homam are found very effectively devotees. In addition the devi prathishta in rajarajeswari bhavam and ganapathy prathista for vignanivaranam add to the chaithanyam and importance of this temple. This ancient temple need urgent renovation. We are glad to renovation. We are glad to inform that as per the directions of the temple acharyas, it has been decided to start the renovation includes the reconstruction of the upadevalayas and punaprathishta of sri.devi and ganapathy vigrhas, new navagra prathishta, ashtabanda kalasa connected with renovation and kumbabhishekam. All works have to be completed by march 2010.

Legand of the Temple
The different methods of worship and concept of god, the ultimate reality, preventing in kerala temples are unique admirable and wonderful. The kallampally sastha temple is a typical example for this. The sastha deity in the center of the srikovil is having sivalingam in the right hand, the right foot is bent left foot is bent and leaving a belt to the side. This is a sreekovil where the deity is in Dyanasanam (Meditation Pose). The prathista here can be said to be a very rare one generally in the right hand abhaya mudra is seen. But here dharma sastha is having siva linga in right hand.which is in prapanja bhava. This sastha is known as markandeya sastha having controlled the prapanja sakhi in the eye, and having the shade of nagadeva’s five goods on the fiery eye is the appearance of this lingam. This sivalingam represents the vast and limitless sakthi. Perhaps this is all comprehensive fully manifestation of sivam.
Another sivalingam is also inside the sreekovil which is prapanja purusha roopa and which is protected by five goods of a serpant and which represents the panchendriyas. Here the sastha deity also worship this siva bhava. Here the vahana of sastha is elephant. It is considered that this temple is older than the temple of sri padmanabha. Not only that, in divine power and chaithanya sri dharma sastha here stood first. According to potty of Nethaseri Mana who owned this temple. According to a legendery strory told by sri. Krishnan potty of Nethassery Mana, the power of sri. Markandeya Sastha is indicated as follows. The prathista of sri. Padmanabha Swamy could not be made firm and it was realized that there was a more strong saiva chaithanyam in the area. That was why the vigraha prathishta could not be done. Further probe revealed that the mahasakthi is that of markandeya sastha. Then sastha preethi was performed for 41 days and after knowing the full consent of the saiva chaithanya only the prathista could be made firm satisfactorily.
(Courtesy: Jyothisharathnam Magasine, Volum-24, 2006 December 16-13)

Siva chaithnyam

It is believed from ancient times that through bhajana at this temple, sanidosha could be wiped out. The main reason for this is that sastha bhajan and siva bhajana are best solution for sanidosha. The two powerful sivalingas in srikovil and kaliyuga varada sri dharma sastha are giving aiswarya to persons worshipping and through their grace all sanidoshas would vanish. So here saniswara homam, kiratharchana, Neerajanam and Pradosha abhishekam would drive away sanidosha.

Devi Chaithanyam

In kallampalli sri dharma sastha temple, Devi chaithanyam is in Sri Rajarajeswari Bhava. The present vigraha is made of wood. Rajarajeswari Devi in this temple is bestower of all auspiciousness, all prosperity mangalya dayaki, vindya dayaki, and remover of all trobles. So the offering to devi of silk cloth (Pattu), bangles, thali and performing of raktha pushpanjali archana, swayamvararchana, powrnami pooja, Bhagavath Seva, are efficacious, asserts the perfoms who were benifitted. The poojas and bhagavathi seva in “Adi” month (karkitakam) and during navarathri are very important to devi.

Ganapathy Chaithanyam

The prathishta of Ganapathy Bhagavan who is remover of all obstacles is in kannimoola.

Temple Renovation Yagna

The yagna of reconstraction of upadevalayas, Devi punaprathishta, Ganapathi punaprathishta, Navagraha prathista, performing the ashtabantha kalasa contected with reconstraction and kumbabhishekam for strengthanning and increasing chaithanya of the temple and there by ensuring protection and prosperity t devotees are meant by this temple renovation yagna.

1. Temple Renovation

Excepting the old black stone main srikovil, all othere attached temple constractions and upadevalayas are newly constructed 2200 sq.ft area in two floors are reconstructed.

2. Construction of upadevalayams

For the upadevathas Ganapathy and Devi and for the new Navagraha prathishta, three srikovils are being constructed. The expenditure for one srikovil is about Rs. 50,000/-.

3. Punaprathishtas of Ganapathy and Devi
Instead of the existing wooden (daru) vigraha, a new black stone vigraha will be made and constructed in the devi upadevalaya. Ganapathy prathishta will be done in kannimoola in newly constructed upadevalaya.

4. Navagraha Prathishta

As per the direction of temple Achayras, for increasing chaithanya of the temple and for the welfare of the devotees, navagrahas prathishta will be done in newly constructed navagraha upadevalaya.

5. Ashtabandha kalasa conceived with Reconstruction and Kumbabhishekom
The temple reconstruction ashtabandha kalasam is to be performed once in 12 years and so this will be done by the temple thantri bhrahmasri sasthamangalam Purushothaman Namboothiri. There will be various rites and poojas for 6 days and this will be condected with Kumbhabhishekom.

Temple Renovation Ygna Sabha

The temple renovation yagna sabha consists of 101 persons who are well wishers and who participates in various activities of the temple by offering thire services and co-operation for the progress of the temple in utsava activates etc.

Members of temple renovation yagna sabha
Sri. G. Lekshmana Iyer, Sri. V.T. Subramania Iyer, V. Harihara Iyer
Sri. S. Narayana Iyer
Vice President
Sri. Gopalakrishna sarma
Sri. S.Rama Varma
Sri. C.K. Ramaswamy
Sri. Advocate K.S. Vijaya Kumar
General Secretary
Sri. G.S. Prasad Potty
Sri. S. Kannan
Sri. S. Nagarajan
Sri. V. Radhakrishna Iyer
Sri. D. Jayasekhar
Sri. Azhakiya Nambi
Joint Secretaries
Sri. K.Subramania Iyer
Sri. Hari kumar
Sri. Krishana Moorthy,
Sri. S. Ramesh Kumar
Sri. V. Ramaswamy
Sri. P. Krishna Iyer
Sri. Gopakumar
Sri. Balaraman Pilla
Sri. Madhusoodhanan Nair
Sri. L. Vaidhyanathan
Sri. H. Muraleedtharan Namboothiri

The various ways for making donation to the Temple Renovation Yagna

1. Temple construction as per sq:ft:

For newly constructing 2200 sq:ft: area in two floors, the esteemed cost is Rs.1750/- per sq:ft:. totaling to 38.5 lakhs. There for the devotees can donation also at the rete of Rs. 1750/- per sq:ft:

2. Pillars of the temple

The newly constructions are supported by 15 RCC pillars, for making a pillar having a being a height of 13 feet the estimated cost Rs. 25,000/- per pillar.

3. Building Materials
The various materials required for temple construction can also be contributed.

There for we request your full help and co-operation for finishing the renovation yagna in a satisfactory manner.

Temple Renovation Yagna Sabha

For further details please contact:
Temple Renovation Yagna Sabha
Kallampalli Sri Markandeya Dharama Sastha Temple
Kallampally Street, Vazhapally
Fort.P.O, Trivandrum-695023

Contact No: +91-9495121218